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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pits, Pendulums and Grocery Shopping

There's a creeping close talking Von's courtesy clerk (aka bagger) named Eric. He works the late shift (my f'ing luck) so, of course since we are night shoppers due to B working nights I get to see WAY too much of Eric. And since I'm a creeper magnet, he's around every single aisle in the f'ing store that I'm on. Even when B is there with me, I manage to drift away from B often enough for creeper man to find me and ask me if I'm "Finding everything ok". Perfectly innocent to the untrained eye.

So the last Eric Event occurred in the soup aisle. I was standing there staring at something and he came down the aisle making a beeline for me. Seriously, he had NO other business in the aisle. So, THIS time I was ready for him and I turned sideways and gave what any NORMAL person would perceive as the Leave Me Alone body language. So what does Eric do? Well, of course he heads right up to me and at the 'just before I would hit him' distance he stops and says "finding everything ok?" to which I say NOTHING and turning around away from him. So any NORMAL person would walk on right? RIGHT? I KNOW! But noooooo this asshole stays there and says "excuse me! are you finding everything ok?" louder!!!! I turned and avoiding eye contact said "yeah" in a SUPER pissed off way. So, FINALLY he walks away and I'm left wondering where the hell my husband is and HOW this asshole always seems to be able to find me when B has walked away or I've walked away from B. 
So when going to a big chain grocery store, I go to Ralphs. Yeah, I still go to Trader Joe's upon occasion and our neighborhood store when I need to, but for big grocery store shopping I now avoid Vons at all cost. I could go to the other Vons stores of which there are about 4 in this area, but with my creeper magnet disorder it would be Eric's day to fill in for someone and I'd be even worse off being caught off guard. 

B always says I should complain to the Mgr, but I haven't done it yet. I don't know why. . . well yes, that's bullshit, I DO know why. It's the same reason I didn't tell my Girl Scout Leader when some pervert pressed up against me at the Griffith Park Observatory Pit and Pendulum during a field trip. He pinned me against the low wall with his perverted erection that I thought MUST be an umbrella at the time while a big crowd of us were looking down into the pit. I can still remember the hot tummy feeling I got. I was afraid to be mean, or maybe accused of misinterpreting what was occurring. At the time I was questioning what had actually happened and I thought I wouldn't be able to SAY the words to describe it.
I didn't know I was a victim, I was afraid someone would question how I knew what it was he was doing. 
So the lesson here is to allow myself to act on what I know is not ok. So, I can't really blame Pervy Perverson completely when I'm not taking action. I am pretty sure that next time, if there is a next time, I will be brave enough to say something to him AND the Mgr. 
Wish me luck! 

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