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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Do Not Sit at my Table unless I know you!

So it's been over a month since I blogged. That makes me a shitty blogger. I can admit I've THOUGHT about blogging a few times and dammit this is supposed to be journal-ish so I feel like a dope for not writing. UGH Ok, so a LOT has happened and a LOT hasn't happened since I last wrote some words on here. 
First of all Christmas is gone. I always hate taking it down and putting it all away for another year. But this year we enjoyed it even more while it was all up because of my Grandson. Let's just say it was a very Thomas & Friends Christmas. Camron and I made sugar cookies and we all sat at the table and decorated them together. That was very fun! I cooked a turkey on Christmas Day and my Sister and her husband were here and it was delicious and we had a great afternoon and evening. I have a shitty habit of cooking the turkey too long and I can't read the freaking thermometer to save my life, so that was marginal but everything else was amazing! No one says "wow this turkey is SO good" but just so you don't cry, no one says "This is so dry I'm afraid I'll choke".  :oP
My bro in law Mike makes a rockin' gravy and my Sister made a pecan praline sweet potato dish that  made me feel horrible when it was gone 2 days later. I hate finishing a good left over. And it was GOOD. And of course my favorite Orange Cranberry Relish. It's not TG or Christmas if I don't have some of that from my Sister. YUMMM
So now I'm watching January FLY by and looking forward to Bruce's Birthday in a couple weeks. I have to find something wildly unexpected for him. He is the man who's hard to buy for and it's always a challenge. He's insisted we go to a steak and seafood place where they make the food on a hot grill  at the table (benny hana style) It's his favorite way to eat and my LEAST favorite. I don't like that people you don't know are seated at the table with you. We once had to sit with a roaring alcoholic and his wife. It was the worst time I EVER had while eating food. At least it wasn't my dry turkey. It was the most "GET ME THE HELL OUTA HERE" looks I've ever given Bruce in one sitting. Ahhh good times.