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Thursday, November 17, 2011

All the energy of a pile of old Silly Putty

That lamp was supposed to be moved out of the living room....3 WEEKS AGO. I don't even SEE it anymore.

So today I decided it would be a great day/evening to DO SHIT. And I REALLY need to get some stuff cleared out of the house so I can take down 'Fall' and put UP 'Christmas'. More give aways and more
throw- aways, recycles and things where they don't belong (assuming I have a place for them)etc, etc. And the little messes and things out of place make me CRAZY. As if I can be "made" crazy, but you know what I mean.

So I was watching Camron and he and I took a little trip to the Starbucks and drank some energy. Well he had a no-coffee vanilla blended and I had a big blended carmel mocha with 2 extra shots. Woo Hoo I'll be rocking the household chores and organizing!!!

So, later, back at the house and I haven't done a damn thing except eat my Son's left over Taco Bell food which only gave me heart burn and a food baby belly. burp. But it's ok cause I'm getting used to seeing all the little messes now. It's like a new decorating style. Maybe I can start a business. "how to make stacks of shit around your house blend in as if they are small classy end tables from Pottery Barn."

I'll be RICH!


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