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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where the hell are they laying their eggs?!

Well, for a first post I hate to be bitching, but oh well. Our 20 something hens pretty much are spending Fall the same way they spent most of Summer. Not laying eggs in the nesting boxes. 

Nothing has changed. It' the same damn wooden, shavings-filled nesting boxes they've always had, in the same damn location. Yet, suddenly they are either NOT laying, or they are laying in a mystery location. 

The thing about mystery locations is that when we finally find the nest in a bush or old pile of wood etc, it's full of eggs we can't use!! I mean, we COULD maybe try to guess that the cleaner eggs are fresher, but it's not exactly a science.

So today I was about to make coffee cake and had to turn the oven off. For the first time in years we have NO eggs. So my husband (we'll call him B, I hear that's how bloggers refer to their spouses) Bruce went to the nesting boxes and found ONE egg today. 

In protest, I'm not going to use it today. 
So there. 
Yes, I know they won't notice.

And it's such pretty Fall weather out. So breezy and crispy cool...clear skies and the trees even sound different at this time of year because some of them are changing color and/or loosing leaves.
 But noooooo, no baking. dammit

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