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Thursday, January 3, 2013

What?!  It's almost been a YEAR??

Hi all, all who are LEFT anyway. Yes, it's been a year. A LOT has happened, and some things are the same. The End. :] No, I wouldn't do that to you. But this won't be a long event documenting post. Just a 'hello' and a couple photos. 
I'm well, my family is well. The world is trying to get it's shit together. The Mayan thing didn't happen. Our weather is inSANE. We had a HORRIBLE heat wave-filled Summer that went on WAY too long. 
Camron started Pre-School and LOVES it. He turned 4 in August and is still the light of our lives and fills us to the tippy top with joy. I am endlessly grateful for his presence in our lives and his influence on our hearts. He is a 'good boy', but more than that, he is a beautiful child inside and always wants to be helpful and make you smile. He can break and empty an egg, mix stuff when we are baking, he is an expert at LEGO, big and small. He loves Sponge Bob, Angry Bird stuff, Thomas Train and Friends and Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash on My Little Pony. He has learned to go potty by himself with no step stool or potty seat, wash his hands and face, spell his name; on paper AND out loud with no help, he knows the name and first letter of all his classmates. He is a "delight" to have in the class according to his teacher and he has good friends in his class, Rayleen, Richard, Nicholas, Novia. He gave a girl a present for the first time today. A necklace and bracelet set for Rayleen, his best friend. He spotted it at the Big Lots and it looked like big brightly colored pearls. Really sweet. He gave it to her and said Merrry Christmas. She had made him a peper gingerbread person ornament before Christmas, so he wanted to get her something. Every day they run to each other and hug. He misses her on the weekends. It's so sweet to see him be such a good friend. His teacher Francisca is really awesome and he loves her. Teacher Delores always says it's a pleasure to have Camron in the class. (pause for proud Nana time) :]  
My husband Bruce is looking forward to retirement mid March this year and I'm SO excited about it! I just hope he's able to keep busy!! I'll do my best to facilitate that. 
                                                         Christmas boy and his Air Guitar

Collecting Eggs from our hens

                                                Mr. and Mrs. Almost Retired Couple

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